A collection of the very best podcast interviews with self-made CEOs

CEOpod - A collection of the very best podcast interviews with self-made CEOs

If you have never listened to a podcast before then it’s time to start downloading. Listening to a podcast is a great way to learn. It doesn’t matter what topic you’re interested in. You can listen to a podcast when you’re driving, when you’re at the gym, or just kicking back at home. A podcast is a very efficient form of media. You can go for your lunch break, have a sandwich, and learn at the same time.

CEOpod is focused on collecting the very best podcast interviews with self-made CEOs. A podcast interview can teach you so much about internet marketing, business strategy, IT, sales, the list goes on. You can also listen in for motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and sometimes a bit of humour.

It’s a jungle out there…

Starting a new business or venture can be a daunting prospect for even for the most daring of individuals. There will be days when you feel lower than pond scum. Other days days when you feel immortal. The roller coaster of emotions is nothing less than manic. A good podcast interview could be the difference between success and failure. Here’s a good example of an interview that can change your perspective on entrepreneurship. Listen to Joe Polish from the Genius Network and his podcast interview with Richard Branson:

So why would anyone want to become an entrepreneur?

Well, life is about living your passion…..right? At CEOpod, we don’t think passion by itself is enough. Virtues like resilience, perseverance, fortitude and a loyal network of friends, family and key mentors go a long way. This is where CEOpod comes in.

We might not be able to help with family and friends. It is our aim though to roundup the mentors, or the self-made CEOs who’ve “been there done that”. We want to pass on the advice and wisdom of these self-made CEOs via their podcast interviews. It’s is all about you though, the would-be entrepreneur. You might need some encouragement to take that first step? Or, maybe you’ve taken that first step, fallen in a rut, and you don’t know where to turn next?

Get back on that podcast…

We want to lift you out of that rut by sharing the knowledge and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs. We’ll do this by collecting a series of up-to-date podcast interviews from different sources. Those with a keen interest in entrepreneurship will also benefit from listening to the podcast interviews archived at CEOpod.

Whatever your situation in life, we hope you get something out of the site. It could be a new idea, a thought, some reflection, wisdom, motivation or any number of intangible values. Please feel free to drop us a line to make a suggestion regarding your favourite podcast. And don’t forget to visit the Toolkit section of the website to get access to the ultimate entrepreneurs Toolkit. Happy listening!